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Life Unseen

Total Share: 00000Follow Us   It is hard not to notice that all the life that surrounds you. There are trees that grow, insects that walk around, and birds fly in the sky. Looking at them, it is all too easy to say that this is all the life that is around you but is [Continue]

Chance, Necessity, and Evolution

Total Share: 00000Follow Us   All of life that is present in the biosphere is the result of a slow gradual accumulation of genetically inherited differences from previous generations of life, many of which are extinct but for every extinction and because of natural selection, each survivor, large or small, had qualities allowing them to [Continue]

That Fundamental Unit of Life, Cells

Total Share: 00000Follow Us   Life, in all of its diverse forms, are present in the biosphere and wherever we look, whether it is a natural habitat such as a coral reef, a tropical rainforest, an arboretum or even in your own backyard, one cannot help but notice the diversity that is life. As different as life [Continue]

What is Life, Really?

Total Share: 10100Follow Us What is life? When you think about this question, it is not an easy question to answer . In this day and age of rapid development in biology where new findings in every field of biology are being made, it is easy to overlook something so common and so fundamental to this question that [Continue]

Populations are the Key to Evolution

Total Share: 00000Follow Us   [c aption id=”attachment_76″ align=”alignleft” width=”232″] Statue of Charles Darwin at the Natural History Museum in London (Matt Buck)[/caption]   Evolution by natural selection as first elucidated by Charles Darwin and explained thoroughly in his book On the Origin of Species in 1859 describes how current life is the result of [Continue]