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What are the Three Questions of Biology?

Total Share: 00000Follow Us If the scientific method for biology were organized around three questions and science after all is about asking questions about nature and biology examines the living aspects of nature, biology should be organized around three questions. What exactly would be the three questions of biology? According to Mayr (1997) they are [Continue]

An Acronym for Life

Total Share: 00000Follow Us I have written in a blog about a scientific definition of life “What is Life, Really?” which broadens the biological or as I would like to call it the “textbook definition ” of life but considering life as a process would require that definition to be broaden much further by considering [Continue]

The Breakthrough of 1944

Total Share: 00000Follow Us DNA or Deoxyribonucleic acid is the biochemical that carries genetic information and has the ability to replicate itself because of its molecular structure which is a double helix. DNA is composed of monomers or building blocks called nucleotides and each nucleotide is composed of a sugar, deoxyribose, a phosphate, and a [Continue]

Typology Versus Population

Total Share: 00000Follow Us   What is the secret to the success of Darwin’s theory of evolution? Although it was the most profound revolutionary attempt to explain the diversity of life past and present and it was Darwin who gave the name and description of natural selection, his concept and later fact of natural selection [Continue]