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The Many Forms of Natural Selection

Total Share: 00000Follow Us Charles Darwin was the first scientist ever to give a name to that mechanism that is responsible for the evolution of life, which is natural selection and it there is a chapter with that title in his book On the Origin of Species. In it he describes that natural selection is [Continue]

How a Pea Garden was an Answer to Darwin’s Problems

Total Share: 00000Follow Us   In Darwin’s theory of evolution, all of life is the descendant of a common ancestor and natural selection is the main mechanism of adaptation for evolving species. That is made possible as Darwin so clearly stated in The Origin of Species that every population has heritable variation, an observation by [Continue]

How a Principle of Geology Influenced Darwin

Total Share: 00000Follow Us     There are plenty of books, magazine articles, as well as online blogs about Charles Darwin’s work and these do great justice to Darwin’s revolutionary ideas and his theories are taught in textbooks in high school biology classes and university courses that it can be hard to appreciate the genius [Continue]