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The Three Questions of Astrobiology

Total Share: 00000Follow Us     Life. Is it a property of this planet in this solar system or is it common throughout the cosmos? What is life and what is so unique about it? What is life’s origin or origins? What is it about our planet that sets it apart and how and why our [Continue]

That Fundamental Unit of Life, Cells

Total Share: 00000Follow Us   Life, in all of its diverse forms, are present in the biosphere and wherever we look, whether it is a natural habitat such as a coral reef, a tropical rainforest, an arboretum or even in your own backyard, one cannot help but notice the diversity that is life. As different as life [Continue]

What is Life, Really?

Total Share: 10100Follow Us What is life? When you think about this question, it is not an easy question to answer . In this day and age of rapid development in biology where new findings in every field of biology are being made, it is easy to overlook something so common and so fundamental to this question that [Continue]