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The Other Side of the Second Law

Total Share: 00000Follow Us The science of thermodynamics is the science that studies energy, it’s ability to transform into different forms, and the difference between energy that is useful from energy that is useless.  Indeed energy comes in a variety of forms such as gravitational energy, kinetic energy  or energy of movement, and the energy [Continue]

Life and Negative Entropy

Total Share: 00000Follow Us   For those of you who have read my blogs regarding the definition of life as a process that evades thermal equilibrium, by now you are probably aware that a definition of life must include the fact that life does many activities of many kinds in order to stay alive and [Continue]

Energy, Life, and the Second Law

Total Share: 00000Follow Us     This physical universe is a universe dominated not just by matter but by energy. Energy is something that is real yet intangible unlike matter and energy is really the ability to do work. That would include the ability to lift a rock against the field of gravity where the [Continue]

That Fundamental Unit of Life, Cells

Total Share: 00000Follow Us   Life, in all of its diverse forms, are present in the biosphere and wherever we look, whether it is a natural habitat such as a coral reef, a tropical rainforest, an arboretum or even in your own backyard, one cannot help but notice the diversity that is life. As different as life [Continue]

What is Life, Really?

Total Share: 10100Follow Us What is life? When you think about this question, it is not an easy question to answer . In this day and age of rapid development in biology where new findings in every field of biology are being made, it is easy to overlook something so common and so fundamental to this question that [Continue]