Who am I?




Hi, my name is Adrian M. Martinez and I’m so deeply interested in science. In addition, I have a desire to share my knowledge with others about my interest in science, notably biology.


I received a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from the University of Wyoming and I have done some undergraduate research work in both botany and evolutionary biology, I’m far more interested in evolutionary biology and the reason is that I consider evolutionary biology to be the grand unified theory of biology ( I may write a blog post about it in the future). Also I’m more interested in the philosophy of biology, which revolves around these three questions which are related, and maybe the subject of a future blog post and they are


What is life?


What is the origin of life?


Is Life Common Throughout the Universe?


Based on what I know, I would like to discuss these questions separately or write them together but these questions are part of my blog about the philosophy of biology which I intend to make it accessible for everyone with a general interest in science, especially biology.


Why would I write a blog about the philosophy of biology? I think that in this day and age of rapid development in every field of biology, the science of biology which is about the study of life , I find it ironic that we really don’t know much about the question “What is life?” and when you really think about it, if you are asked to give a scientific definition of life, it’s pretty hard if not impossible to do so, yet you would know it if you see it.


I can only fully explain to the best of my knowledge about any of these three questions and I can’t offer any quick and easy solutions to a given fundamental problem but I am eager to share what I think what is in my mind a familiar aspect of our lives which is life in many various forms yet not easy to summarize in a simple definition.